Monday, March 25, 2013

First Vendor/Craft Event of 2013 For Cake Ninja

Well, it wasn't wonderful. But, it was my first event of the year putting Cake Ninja out there. Hopefully, those that purchased my cupcakes at discount prices will feel they received the best discount ever! I spent and entire week baking. I made Chocolate Chilli, Maple Bacon Pancake and Butterbeer cupcakes. I also, make what is claimed to be the best carrot cake ever. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the recipe. My cupcakes did come out wonderful. My sign and cards did not make it in time, so I had to do some last minute publishing. I think it all worked out. Now, to get down to business and prepare for the next show in April. I already have some cool ideas. However, I'm not sharing them just yet. ;)

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